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Pre-wiring Subtitle

If you're building a new home make sure you have your home wired for all the latest technology.  This doesn't mean you have to buy all the new products once the home is completed but better to plan for the add ons down the road.  If you think one day you may want security cameras, or a house audio system, make sure that you are wired for it during the building process.

training room in grand prarie, texas


A projector and two televisions were added so that the trainees can watch a DVD on the televisions and at the same time watch the trainer as he/she works on the PC showing on the projector.  We added microphones as well as 6 speakers so that everybody can hear the speaker at any time.  Lighting control was also added so when they turn the system on the lights will automatically dim and turn back on once the projector is turned off.

Sports bar in grapevine, texas


With a total of 16 televisions, eight satelilite receivers, & 24 speakers the owners & staff can easily change channels on certain TV's, and change the vibe from sports game to party by selecting what they want to hear.

Home Cinema in Southlake, TX


Sit comfortably in any of the eight chairs and watch this 120" High Contrast projection screen in full 1080p by a Sony ES Projector while being immersed in a 9.2 Surround Sound system powered by Arcam Amplifier & Pre-Amplifier.

Custom Carpet added for acoustic treatment.

All equipment hidden in closet.

Home automation in colleyville, texas


Six rooms with televisions and speakers controlled by RTI. Everyone in the household can listen to something different, or all the rooms can play the same thing during the event of a party.  Lights are also controlled to create the ultimate party scenes, or wake-up scenes.

modern home in dallas, texas


We put up 12 televisions throughout the house as well as added distributed audio with 16 zones of audio, four security camera's, and four controlled thermostats. With four in wall controllers, five remotes, and the owners iPad the home owners can easily walk room to room selecting different audio to play in the house, at any level.  They are also able to view their security cameras, adjust the temperature in the house, and lock/unlock doors at any time whether in the house or away on vacation.

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